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what is between 1530-1535 West Baltimore Street.

When looking at the history of West Baltimore Street, mainly the 1500 block of the area we see that this street was more like the main street of Baltimore before the harbor became the epicenter of the whole city. when looking at the History of my section of the block being 1530-1535, I saw that 1530-1532 West Baltimore street were a part of the stretch of land that was a part of a movie theater, and it most times it was a different version of a movie theater. just like last years class with the idea that the buildings may have been completely different things over the decades we saw that 1531 West Baltimore Street was not only a part of being a movie theater, before it was part of the Asian laundry system/industry where most of those buildings were owned by Asian immigrants and were created as different cultural epicenters for different races of people. One main event that occurred in this specific address was that while it was a laundry zone, it was robbed in a part of a string of ro…

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